Recroomsound & visual  is a music & audio-video recording service offering Engineering, Live Mixing, Production, Arranging, Scoring, Composition, Sound Design, audio/video Pre & Post Production Services in Southern Maine & New England - USA

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Established in 1984

... reborn in a barn in 2014

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Our private studio is located on the second and third floors of an antique barn featuring a 24’x 22’ recording room with 18’ ceilings and an adjoining 12.8’x 12’ third floor loft which is open to the room below. The 12.8’x 18.3’ control room is situated under the big loft space with a 12.8’x 5’ hallway & isolation area connecting it to the live room. A second smaller loft allows for elevated monitoring and unobstructed visual capture of the live room and main loft.

The live room, hall, loft spaces and control room can accommodate many approaches to the recording process. We always seek to adapt our methodology appropriate to each artist or project as no two are alike. The control room was designed for both performing and engineering in mind, with four layers of 30”x 72” plate glass for visual cues to and from the live room.


Come experience this comfortable acoustic space and take advantage of the intuitive work flow and versatility of Ableton Suite 10 in the hands of an “analog traditionalist” engineer/composer with over thirty years of digital audio production experience, excellent microphones, multiple monitoring systems, extensive outboard gear and software including Waves Gold and numerous unique in house instruments for your next project.

The recroom supports live A/V recording & has room for a select audience @ broadcasted sessions.

As a long time analog live-mix and studio engineer, Recroomsound's chief engineer, composer, producer, accompanist & sideman - JT Terry has over 30 years experience using his eyes & ears to customize the varied technical methodologies and tools of audio & visual capture for each unique artist and project he works with.

Bands and solo artists with recording capabilities of their own will often bring us anything from basic tracks to mix ready projects for finishing and automated mixing in our studio. In some cases we can integrate your recording & performing systems directly into ours.

We also work with clients live and on location.

Our mission is to help the artist balance and finish their project or live performance only when helpful, "needed technically" or requested, producing a result enhancing the artists process and their audiences enjoyment without interfering with the artists original vision.

JT  1984- 2019


"Artists have more advanced recording and music research capabilities now than ever before so anyone can make a recording. While some have the ability to mix, produce, and finalize their project, the one thing no artist can do themselves is experience their work outside of that creation, which is particularly important when making adjustments which finish a track or recording project to its best advantage. Since 1984, my greatest strength as an engineer and producer, arranger has been that I help guide those decisions as would a co-writer or a member of the band."                                                                                                                    JT - 2015


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