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Operating a private and independent facility allows us the luxury of offering exclusive block booking with lockouts which can provide big savings over the course of a project. Our input capacity allows for up to 30 inputs for live recording to any format for quick “live capture” recordings too. We also offer live stereo - multi camera - video capture.

Base studio rate with engineer is $25.00 per hour. Services available include engineer, full input to record capacity, any and all available recording technology on site, multiple headphone mixes or live in room monitoring, live multi-track recording, basic tracks, voice over work, live two-track mono or stereo recording, and overdubbing sessions.

Advanced Services & Post Production base rate with engineer is $30-per hour. Services include audio with video recording, rendering and production, automated or live mixing and mastering.

Other post productions services start @ $35.00 per hour including foley recording, sound design, vinyl & keyboard sound sampling and midi instrument voice design, film or video scoring, audio for video or film, pre-production, song writing and arranging sessions.

We allow clients 30 minutes free -per session- for load in or out of our studio.

Freelance Mobile Multi-track Audio & Video recordings are quoted projects. Freelance services start @ $30-$60 per hour depending on scope of project, plus any travel cost.




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